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Corporate & Capital Restructuring

Creative Solutions

If your company recognises any signs of corporate fatigue then early awareness of the problem will give you the opportunity to transform and revitalize your organization. Alternative financing sources and a focus on corporate value are helping business manage change more effectively or leading them out of troubles.

Your company might be looking for corporate restructuring services to overcome any financial, strategic and operational difficulties or deal with the consequence of insolvency. Alternatively, your business might just need a fresh approach to its corporate structure on order to meet and further maximise growing business commitments.

Our services are designed strategically to add value to your business worldwide. Our firm can offer advice and provide support in implementing recovery plans and any necessary debts reorganization.

We can also assess areas of the business that may be targeted for growth, formulating appropriate strategies for a dynamic business environment. We are able to offer turnaround - financing models to transform a company and enhance its corporate value. 

Capital restructuring is a corporate operation that involves changing the mixture of debt and equity in a company's capital structure . It is performed in order to optimise profitability or in response to a crisis like bankruptcy, hostile takeover bid or changing market conditions. 

Capital restructuring involves careful analysis of a company's capital structure and its liquidity. Therefore financial statement analysis, valuation and financial modeling are essential skills. A restructuring would also involve delicate negotiations with debt and equity holders to balance theiur interests.

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