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About Us

We provide M&A advisory on sell  - buy side assignments , due  diligence, valuation  and market intelligence. Pafa is recognized for its access to key  decision  makers  in  the  fintech and eco- friendly industries, its ability to position clients strategically, and its skill to close transactions in an expedited manner.


We know our business like no  one else and we are supported by an expert team of senior consultants with in-depth insight into fintech and  eco-friendly industries. We provide services to Micro, Small and Large investors. 


Our  headquarter in Islington, London with representative branches in Brussels and Tel Aviv.  Our ability to complete cross-border M&A transactions especially between Europe and Middle East is a core defining strength.


Our  philosophy  is  to  provide  our clients with the  highest quality of service to assist them in achieving  their strategic objectives and to create value for their  stakeholders. We accomplish this by focusing on the three pillars of a quality advisory service:

Customer centric focus – we  dedicate  a  lot  of time  towards understanding our client’s business in order to  1) understand the issues facing the business and 2) develop criteria which we use to assess and rank advisory solutions;

Objective and data driven analysis – we use analytical processes to deepen our understanding of the issues facing the business and to generate alternative solutions.

Independent commercial advice and timely implementation – we present our independently derived advisory solution for the business and assist with the timely implementation of the solution.

We pride ourselves on the high quality, objectivity and independence of advice provided.

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